About Cardsfer


The main challenge that Cardsfer caters to is the hustle of handling multiple cards. But why bother risking any loss when you can add all of your cards in one e-wallet? With Neom Media’s LLC excellence, Cardsfer was able to make an evolution to E-payments. We helped them evaluate creativity under the feasibility; that is where all the magic happened.

  • Minimum Hustle

  • Multiple Cards

  • Easy Purchase and Payments



Cardsfer is an online transaction application that changes how digital currency and monetary matters work. Throughout effortful workings, Neom Media has made this dream a reality for the Cardsfer team. Our team of experts worked hard to do the perfect coding that is now a fully functional application.



Whether it is about general money transfers or overseas transactions, We made sure that Cardsfer was able to do it all. They aimed it, and Neom Media made sure to respond rightly.

Our client Cardsfer is happy, but their customers are happier with the sense of experience our developed apps are giving.

Years of experience in Innovation

Qualified and skilled team

Top client satisfaction

Updated programming Trends

User Experience


Our experts are working hard to develop platforms that are the future of today. Cardsfer is one of many successful examples that add to our pride. The App is serving the best of its purpose.

We take utmost prestige in saying that our client is happy and satisfied with what we have contributed to their success.

Words by Cardsfer

We asked Neom Media LLC to develop a mobile application that has the functionality to pay anyone, anytime, anywhere. With multiple design instructions and features in the plugin, we wanted them to provide us with an easy-to-use application that works functionally on every digital screen. Neom Media LLC really worked hard to ensure that each thing is up to the finest standard. Whether it is coding or designing the interface part. Everything was done right.

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Neom Media LLC has completed numerous complex projects developed strategically as per the client's demands. We integrate our experience and develop an app that is fully optimized and responsive.

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We have delivered creative digital solutions to startups and Organizations across numerous industries.

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Sergiu Biriș

It was a pleasure working with the entire Neom Media LLC development team. They were able to launch our iOS app in a few months, and it looks and works beautifully.

4.8 Rating on Clutch
Ben Williams

When it comes to developing amazing cross-platform apps, Neom Media LLC has the expertise and collaborative approach to get it right the first time. In about three months, we went from concept/mockups to income. Neom Media LLC speed and quality were crucial in acquiring clients, raising funding, and establishing strategic alliances.

4.8 Rating on Clutch
Laura Trocille

“The team stood out because of their swift response time and patience. Neom Media LLC provided one contact person, which helped streamline project management and coordination. Not only did Neom Media follow the budget and timeline.”

4.8 Rating on Clutch