The Benefits Of Choosing Agile Development Methodology in 2022?

Gone are the days when tech experts were using traditional methodologies for managing their projects, and getting the desired results. Since the creation of the Agile methodologies, which was done 2 decades before, teams globally welcome the new practices, and allow their project managers to transform themselves into scrum masters for a quick implementation.

If you see the traditional methodologies, then you would learn the fact that project managers were having no meeting with the clients, and the entire team on a weekly basis. There were no stand up meetings, no constant monitoring of the project, and everything was discussed just at the start and end of the project completion. 

Due to the traditional way of managing the project, clients were facing a lot of issues, and all of those issues were then catered by the managers which increased the costing of the project.

According to the’s 14th annual summit, more than 95% of the 40,000 respondents state that organizations who practice Agile methodologies are succeeding with colorful results, rather than those who’re still using the old project management techniques.

So, you must have got an idea what we're going to discuss today in this blog. For those who embrace Agile methodologies there are a lot of opportunities, however, those who don’t will miss out on some really important details which they will regret later.

Today in this blog we will discuss the benefits of choosing Agile methodologies instead of following the traditional methodologies in 2022.

What’s the difference between Traditional methodologies, and Agile methodologies?

Back in the 90's when the software development life cycle was traditional it was quite difficult to monitor the processes and learn about the final outcome. In fact, in most cases, it was very difficult to even deliver the project on the promised date.

A project manager in old times was not that much connected with the developers, and couldn’t take daily meetings in which they can discuss the working status of everyone. Contradictory to this, a Scrum Master in Agile would be connected with the entire team on a daily basis, and the core outcome of daily stand up meetings is to know the status of the project, and solve the issues instantly.

The Benefits Of Choosing Agile Development Methodology:

Agile development methodologies are famous these days due to the following reasons; it benefits a lot of people in many ways. Let's explore together. 

  1. Quality is maintained in the project management cycle if you choose agile development methodology in your daily work lifecycle. There are teams who comprise two to five people in major, and still follow agile to maintain quality and give the customers a satisfied experience.
  1. Secondly it has an interactive approach towards the project management cycle, maintaining the processes and ensuring there are no bugs in the delivered projects. Consistency is maintained and constant improvement is seen with quality control playing a huge role in the agile development methodology cycle.
  1. When people were following traditional development methodology, there were certain risks involved in the project cycle.
  1. Risks are reduced on a daily basis because the stand up meetings that take place everyday assist in identifying the issues on the spot, and solve them with a relevant solution.
  1. Agile development methodology encourages direct communication for a time-to-time interaction. It will help you in conducting what’s happening, and solve it out. By regular communication with the entire team, they eliminate a lot of potential issues, and meet the objectives smoothly.
  1. You can deliver the project in modules, so if there is any issue it’s not dependent on other features or modules. 

Sounds interesting? Let’s start a quick discussion over the 5 amazing steps of Agile project management.

The Key Components Involved In Agile Project Management 

Here are the key components that are involved in the agile project management cycle. Ensure you study the methods in detail to create a better outcome. 

  1. User Stories

The first and most important step is to simply make a user story which is a high level definition of a work request given by the clients. It contains all the information regarding the project which is going to be useful for the team members to save time. 

Simply, you are saving the time for the completion of the project, till it’s under process. In short, a small snippet of information regarding the project by the user would help in outlining the main features, and assist the developers, designers, and everyone in the team to get a better version of the project.

  1. Sprints

There are sprints in which all the project details are placed, and there are small tickets. Sprints are a short iteration in between the activities which takes a week or two to complete. 

Teams work on the tickets in the sprints, which are discussed in the sprint planning process. As soon as you move further, the idea is to continue the sprint until the product is ready to be delivered. 

Once the sprints are completed, the status is discussed with the team in daily stand up meetings to proceed further smoothly. The Scrum master then discusses the status and lets the team know if there are any other changes required in the project.

  1. Backlog

There are sprint backlogs which have projects, and incomplete project requests are added in the system where they become outstanding stories in the backlog. 

When some of the sprints are not completed, they proceed to the project backlog. During the agile project management sessions, scrum masters discuss those sprints, and assign them to the developers who don't have any sprints. 

During the sprint planning of the week, stories are made up in the backlog so it can be completed in that week. You can manage the backlog if you’re a good scrum master and known with the agile methodologies.

  1. Agile Board

An agile board has all the user stories so that the team can track the progress of the project instantly. There can be a white board with a lot of sticky notes, which is also known as a Kanban board or a function within the project management softwares.

  1. Stand up Meetings

Lastly we have stand up meetings that are indeed one of the most important parts of the Agile development methodologies. In this step, the scrum master has a meeting with the entire team on a daily basis to discuss the status of the project. 

Moreover, if someone is facing any issue in the design, development, or deployment of the project it can be solved as soon as it’s discussed in the stand up meetings.

What are the roles involved in Agile Development Methodologies

There are different roles involved in the agile development methodologies and specific roles in the team adhere to the framework, and make the project move smoothly. You may or may not feel specific to the team roles. 

However, for your ease here are some of the roles which you can discuss with your team and hire people on the specified roles:

  1. Scrum Master

Just like we have a project manager in the traditional management techniques who is responsible for managing the entire project in a single go. Similarly, in agile methodologies, a Scrum Master is someone who will look after the activities that take place throughout the project completion. 

The Scrum Master ensures that each sprint stays on the track, and is completed at the committed time frame. If there are any issues reported in between the activities, you can report the Scrum Master to solve them.

  1. Stakeholders

Secondly, we have stakeholders who are one of the most important, and informative roles in the entire agile cycle. The stakeholder should be kept in loop in the entire product lifecycle, and sprint goals because they are the real users, and their reviews matter a lot.

  1. Product Owners

Then we have a product owner who is there to define the goals of the sprints, manage it and prioritize the team backlog, and try to be the voice of the customers in front of the internal stakeholders.

  1. Team Members

Lastly, there are team members who’re in the team and assists the people to complete the project till completion. Team members are those who will get the project completed, some are designers, while majorly there are developers. 


Here are some of the questions related to Agile development methodologies which will help you understand the processes more easily. 

  1. What are the greatest methodologies of Agile development?

A scrum master would answer you in a more descriptive way. However, if we talk about the most amazing agile methodology step then, the daily scrum meetings are the best part of the development cycle. Due to the daily scrum meetings you can maintain a track of what’s going in the project design and development cycle, which is again a great initiative.

  1. What are the pros and cons of Agile development methodologies?

There are various pros and cons of choosing Agile development methodologies, however, if we talk about the pros then, it’s slightly higher the disadvantages. Firstly, it’s easily manageable, and you can monitor the success of the project on a scale of 1-10 easily. The project is delivered on modules, and the client can report you the issues instantly.

  1. What do we call the person who manages the entire project?

There are different individuals who work in the entire Agile system, however, the one responsible for giving the reports of the project on time is known as Scrum Master. A Scrum Master is someone who possesses the skill of completing the project on time, and taking daily scrums with the entire team to know what’s happening. 

In fact, if there is anything in the backlog they will try to compensate for it in the upcoming sprint. In short, that’s the beauty of choosing Agile project management for your next ideal project.

  1. What is the difference between Scrum Master and a Project Manager?

There is only a transition in the name, otherwise both the terms are known for similar responsibilities. A Scrum Master is a Project Manager themselves, who is named with a different title due to the transition in methodology. In traditional project management techniques, the person who manages the entire project till completion is known as a Project Manager. 

However, remember that a Scrum Master would be doing the same things with a different title. They will monitor the entire project, and deliver it on the prescribed time.

  1. Is the Waterfall model better than Agile development methodology?

Do you really know what a waterfall model is, and why it’s not used in recent times? Waterfall methodology is one of the oldest development methodology that leads towards project completion. However, there were different drawbacks in the waterfall model, like once you complete a stage you can not revert it back. 

No meetings were there on a daily basis due to which clients were facing issues in the delivered project. Due to these reasons, companies started applying agile development methodologies instead of any other to maintain quality, and report the issues to the Scrum Master in case of any issues.

Wrapping Up | Benefits Of Choosing Agile Development Methodology in 2022

And that’s all for the day! We hope you enjoyed reading about the agile development methodology and would implement it in your technology frameworks for a better output. The benefits you get after implementing agile methodology are really evident these days, especially when your project manager compliments you all for a smooth project delivery. You can ask for different people, and learn from their experience. Explore more flexible features, and outcomes of implementing agile methodology and see how far you’ve come after eliminating the traditional practices.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section related to any of the questions you get regarding anything shared in the blog. See ya!